Green Tips


Straw bale Insulation

If you insulate your coop. It will help keep your hens warmer during winter and cooler during the summer. Which means less stress, happier hens and plenty of eggs for you.


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Organic Bee's


Are bee's Organic humm good question. Actually they can be contaminated if they venture into the wrong fields. There is a huge concern globally regarding bee's dying and farmers needing to find alternative methods to pollinate their crops. bee's in isolated location are not at risk and in fact they can help those of us with allergies. When we eat their honey

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Rain Water Catch System

This is a catch pond that has been under construction at Earth Angels Animal Sanctuary. It was hand dug by Wwoofers. The design is intended to appear like a natural water hole. Broken bags of ready mix have been purchased from Home Depot at a educed price and cobble was salvaged from a yard in College Heights

Rain water catch sistern

Rain Water Catch Systems are vitally important in reducing the cost of water for irrigation.


Raised beds are one way to keep the chill off your plants and add to the short growing season in the North

Raised beds

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